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Science Section - The Latest News

This section features the latest headline news items from a series of science news servers across the world and is continually and automatically updated. The older news drops off the bottom of the list after a day or two. This means every day you come here there will always be something new to read, right at the top of the list.

There are the space news headlines, from, an American magazine.
Next it's the BrightSurf news headlines.
Note that because this news page is updated live, these sections take 20 seconds to find the news items and place them on the page on some modems.

Below the headlines lists are some links to other pages specialising in science news, some of which are the source of the headlines below.

Space News Astronomy News Spacecraft Launch News

And from BrightSurf...


Other Science News Sources


New Scientist - UK magazine, lots of science news, excellent web site, highly recommended. This is one of the Internet's most popular science sites.

Nature News Service - the latest science news from the most famous science journal in the world - Nature. Possible the most respected and reliable source you will ever find.

BBC Sci/Tech News - The Beeb's science and technology news pages. A popular source of science stories from the longest running TV and radio news service.

Discovery Channel - News Roundup - what it says. News from a TV channel dedicated to science.

MSNBS - Science Front Page - a general science news section. Their menu takes you to more themed news pages, such as technology, space and so on.

ScienceDaily - a daily update of the latest research results. The magazine's articles are selected from news releases submitted by leading universities and other research organizations around the world.

Space Orientated - Today's news stories from NASA

NASA home page - It's NASA, it's huge, what more can you say?

Universe Today - US magazine, science news with a bias towards space. - News - US magazine, space news service, source of the space news above

MSNBS- Space News - Another space news centre, this time from the NBC TV service.


My Tutorials

Cell emfs tutorial Uses of the Transition Metals
Balancing Chemical Equations
worked examples

Properties of Transition Metals

Transition Metal Catalysts



How to calculate molecular masses (the RMM)


Le Chatelier's Principle

Types of reaction

Oxidation Numbers
(a PowerPoint show)
Test yourself on calculating the RMM of compounds.


What are acids and bases?

Strong and weak acids and bases

The above PowerPoint shows take about 12-15 seconds to load up, just be patient. And if you see a strange little f moving around, I don't know why either, it's not the nice little bullet marker I inserted!

Chemistry crosswords

A fun way to learn!

- Alkanes etc and Printable Alkanes
- The Elements and Printable Elements
- Chemistry Equipment and Printable Equipment
- Classes of Compounds and Printable Classes

The chemistry crosswords come in two forms - an interactive online version that requires Java to be installed on your computer, and a printable version. Just to be awkward, the printable ones are sometimes laid out slightly differently to the interactive ones.