Chemistry Lab Equipment

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1. Used to hold containers to a metal stand.

5. It means answer back, and supports things in the lab

6. Used to hold chemicals that will react together, and to heat things in

7. Measures out the correct weight of chemical.

11. Hops around in biology lessons

12. Holds lots of glass tubes

14. When you want to heat a liquid, you can put it in one of these

15. You can stand round-bottomed flasks in this quite easily

17. You dig things out of bottles with this spoon-like device

19. Not a three legged monster, just three legged.

20. Used when distilling liquids, it cools down the vapour.

21. Used in titrations, to measure exactly how much is required.

23. Is it hot or is it not? This will tell you what.

24. Used to add spots of a solution to a chromatography plate


2. Used to measure out a fixed amount of liquid, often, but not always, in a titration.

3. This funnel helps guide liquids into containers, but has other uses based on its name.

4. How much liquid do you need? This will help you

7. Gas heating device

8. Adds liquids in small amounts

9. ...and pestle

10. The most important things to wear in the lab!

13. You hold objects with these

16. Aircraft with no engine

17. Bit of wood, on fire or not, used to test gasses.

18. When people think of chemists, they always think of one of these

21. Some people call things you drink from by this word, but chemists wouldn't drink from one of these in a lab!

22. A rubber stopper

23. Students often call it a sucker-upper, it is made from rubber.


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