Classes of Chemicals

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3. The simplest type of chemical substance

4. Only functional group is an OH

6. Product of reacting an acid and a base.

7. helium, neon, etc

9. C2H2 is the simplest example of this class of compunds

13. The opposite of an acid

14. The group of metals in the middle of the periodic table

18. Smelly, they have an NH2 group

20. The thing you are using just now

23. When you burn things they produce this class of compund

25. They have double bonds which are not normal

27. Has a C=C

28. Not a single substance

31. Includes several classes of compunds, all just containing C and H

32. They are hard, shiny and conduct electricity well


1. It is corrosive, and has an OH group.

2. Room where you carry out chemsitry experiments

5. It turns red litmus blue but has a C=O group as well

6. Produced by reacting H2SO4 with metals

8. Salts formed from HNO3

10. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen make these ones (glucose is an example)

11. Releases CO2 when treated with HCl

12. Important in synthesis, it has elements from Group 7 as its functional group.

15. Contains a C=O on the first carbon

16. Many rocks are made from this type of compound.

17. Where you sleep

19. When dissolved in water this large class of compunds can conduct electricity

21. A really big molecule, made from lots of little ones.

22. The building blocks of proteins

24. There is a C=O which is not on the first carbon

26. The simplest type of organic compound.

29. The sort of rock from which you can extract a metal.

30. It turns blue litmus red


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