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1. Used to plate iron to make it look a bit like silver

3. Inert gas, seen in advertising lights

5. Lightest element of them all

8. Swims in a bowl, named after an element

10. People go camping in one of these

11. Element found in rocks and sand

14. Reactive metal used to make cheap batteries

15. A liquid. But it's a metal

17. Shiny metal used to coat other metals to make them look nice.

19. A metal that burns very very brightly

22. The most reactive element of them all

23. The gaseous element present in common salt

25. Has 6 protons and 6 neutrons in its nucleus

26. Named after a planet, or a large dog in Walt Disney cartoons


2. Where Superman comes from

4. Breath deeply, without this you'd have a problem.

6. Present in air, the main component in fact

7. Light metal used to make cans

9. It's chemical symbol is short for Argentina

12. A brownish coloured metal, conducts electricity very well.

13. A heavy metal, used in some rechargable batteries. A bit toxic.

16. Present in a rather smelly gas

18. Very reactive metal, found in common salt

20. An expensive metal, soft and a very good conductor or electricity

21. A very light gas, but it doesn't react with anything

24. Common metal, used to build things with


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