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There is a lot of helpful information on computing available on the Internet - well it is a computer network created by computer users! Here I intend to discuss a variety of topics whenever I get some spare time to write, and to include sets of links to web sites I have found particularly useful.

So far there are only a few of my own sections here, although I hope to cover ordinary practical things given enough time. I also hope to add various things related to courses I have taken, to assist those on HNC and similar courses. If I add several more sections, I may provide a better sub-menu for easier navigation.

Cable Modem This section has proved popular enough to be added as a FAQ at Karl's Driver Site (see below).
Programing Hints This section is for absolute beginners, covering the typical mistakes made when beginners rush at a problem. It includes help with pseudocode.
More Pseudocode This is the second bit of help on pseudocode.

Latest Virus News - an up-to-date newsfeed at my other site.
Lists new viruses, currently most active ones, and virus hoaxes.

A few useful links

Computing Dictionary The PC Guide Webopedia Richard's PC Help
The PC Technology Guide TechWeb Karl's Driver Site Registry Guide

The above links lead to some generally useful large sites covering many of the commonly asked questions on the basics of computers. These sites are generally considered to be above average and recommended by many people. Some are so large and authoritative, it's hard to believe they are the work of a single person in a couple of cases. Karl's Driver Site is not just about drivers, but computing in general. It has some excellent forums for computer help, and is highly recommended.