ASW 28 Information

The ASW 28 on its maiden flight.

The ASW 28, shown here on its maiden flight, is Schleicher's latest Standard Class offering, replacing the older ASW 24. Given the competition it's up against (the Discus 2 and the LS8), this will have to be a superb glider to compete successfully. But then, Waibel does design excellent gliders. Cost? Probably around £45,000 or more. For serious or well off pilots only. You'd buy a glider like this if you were keen on flying cross country or in competitions. If money is no object, you might even consider this as a first glider. Like all modern racing gliders in the Standard Class, it is very easy to fly.

Manufacturer Alexander Schleicher
Wingspan 15.00 m

Glide angle

Best Glide speed 50 kts
Vne 135 kts
Construction Glass and carbon fibre reinforced resin.

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