National Ladder Rules


Season 2000/2001

1 The competition will start on October 1st and end on September 30th.

2 Any flight which originates in the UK may count except for flights in a competition fro which BGA entry forms are required. Points will only be awarded to the P1 in a two seater.

3 There will be three separate ladder competitions: -

4 For each competition a pilot may enter any number of flights but only the best four will count towards a final placing, of which no more than two may be heigth claims. Only one claim per flight will be allowed.

5 The pilot's word will be accepted for flight times, rounding TPs and landing positions except that BGA Trophies will only be awarded in each of the Ladder Competitions with the support of photographic evidence or properly controlled GPS logger evidence.

5.1 Turnpoints

In a single flight, turnpoints will conform to one of the following: -

For barrel sector:-

5.2 Photographic Evidence

TP photographs must contain the following: -

5.2.1 A start board clearly showing:-

5.2.2 Photos of the start point, each turnpoint rounded and if possible the finish point.

5.2.3 A photo of the glider fin showing the same identification as the start board.

Cut films are acceptable if accompanied by a declaration containing the following for each flight on the film.

5.3 GPS Logger Evidence

GPS Logger traces will be accepted provided that the trace is either from a secure logger or has been downloaded to the satisfaction of the club ladder steward or his deputy who will then record that the flight has been properly controlled.

5.4 Barograph Evidence

Barograph traces must be shown to Club Ladder Stewards for height claims.

6 Flights in gliders with motors are accepted. If the engine is used in flight, the glider is scored as landing at the point where it was used. If qualifying for a ladder trophy, barograph/camera or GPS evidence is needed to substantiate whether or where the engine was used.

7 Declarations must be made before take-off, either electronically or in writing as appropriate, and must include the start point, up to three turning points and the finish point. All declared turnpoints must be features shown on 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map and preferably be selected from the BGA List of Turning Points (obtainable from Ian Strachan, BGA TP Co-ordinator - See S&G April/May 1995 pp98-99 or on the BGA Web page).

8 Up to three BGA Turning Points may be used for Undeclared flights. If any other point is turned, the nearest BGA TP which gives a shorter scoring distance will be used for scoring purposes.

9 An adjusted handicap (Sih) will apply to all tasks.

10 For uncompleted tasks, the distance counted for the uncompleted leg is the length of that leg as declared, less the distance between the landing point and the next turning point (as in BGA contest rules). For undeclared flights the full distance counts.

11 Points are given for Cross Country distance and/or speed and for Height gains.

11.1 Full cross-country points plus a bonus are awarded for declared flights where:

The declared start, turn and finish points are all rounded in the declared order AND * The height loss between the start and finish points is the lesser of 1000m or 1% of the distance flown.

A proportion of full points are given to declared/incomplete flights where a declaration was made but not achieved. A smaller proportion is given to undeclared flights.

11.2 Height points are awarded for gain of height. No flight may earn both height and speed/distance points. No points may be claimed for flights above 15,000ft without oxygen.

12 Calculation of points.

12.1 Cross Country Points

(A * S * d * (4000 + (v * v)*Sih/100) / 2000


Sih = speed index

d = handicapped marking distance in km

= actual marking distance (km) * 100 / Sih

v = handicapped speed in kph

= actual speed (kph) * 100 / Sih

A = 1.1 for declared and completed tasks

= 0.5 for undeclared tasks

= (distance achieved) / (distance declared) for declared but uncompleted tasks

S = 1.0 for tasks with 1, 2 or 3 legs

= 0.8 for tasks with 4 legs (with exception below)

For closed-circuit tasks with 4 legs, S may be scored as 1.0 provided the pilot declares the task distance to be measured as a triangle with Leg1 + Leg4 replaced by the straight-line distance between the first and last turnpoints.

12.2 Height Points (not more than two per pilot per ladder).

((height gain in feet) - 5000) / 10

13 Details of each flight must be submitted to the Club Ladder Steward within one month of the flight taking place. Full details of flights, including photographs and/or GPS Logger evidence when available, must be submitted to the National Ladder Steward within one month of being requested.

14 Trophies are awarded to the first and second places in the Open and Weekend ladders and first place in the Junior ladder as follows:

A pilot may only win one trophy and, if qualifying in more than one ladder, will win the trophy for which there has been the greater number of entries.


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